The Game Of Internet Yatzy Is Similar To The Traditional Version When Played At Bwin!

Yatzy, also called Yahtzee is a dice game that is loved by all dice game players for the high level of entertainment it offers. Invented by a Canadian couple who played the game in a yacht and marketed by the game entrepreneur, Lowe, the game has enthralled the world with its maneuvers.

The winner in the game of yatzy is the player who scores maximum points on the score pad. This is done by utilizing the combinations that are brought up by the rolled dice.

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It is fun playing yatzy at Bwin as there are more than one variations to the game found here. If Lowe as history is witness, managed to sell more than 40 millions sets of yahtzee (as he named it) all over the world, the advent of the Internet took yatzy to more households than ever before. Now people from all parts of the globe throng to Bwin to play yatzy!

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